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The crystal ball in the past

The fortune teller, a crystal ball in the hand

Fortune teller

You may be wondering what reality hides behind fortune telling. Here are three texts where two journalists really made the experience.

In the first article, a journalist meet three different fortune teller and share his experience. A journey between cliché and strange coincidences.

In the second text, the same journalist shares with us his encounter with a witch. Then he have a closer look on different tools used for divination.

In the third document, another journalist pushes the experiment even further by meeting 24 fortune tellers. He tells us about his experience and makes some conclusions.

The original crystal ball

About the Crystal Ball

The crystal ball is a mysterious and fascinating object that has aroused interest and curiosity for centuries. Symbol of divination and clairvoyance, it is often associated with esoteric practices and magic.

Mesmerizing reflections

With a crystalline and translucent beauty, the crystal ball is generally made of glass or rock crystal. Its smooth, spherical shape captures light and creates mesmerizing reflections that seem to reveal buried secrets. Psychics and mediums use the crystal ball as a divination tool to contact the unconscious and perceive hidden information.

The origins

The origin of the crystal ball dates back to ancient times, where it was used by priests and diviners to predict the future and interpret signs. In the Middle Ages, the crystal ball was associated with witchcraft and occult practices, which gave it an aura of mystery and black magic. However, over time, the crystal ball has become a more widely accepted divination tool used by clairvoyance practitioners.


During a clairvoyance session with a crystal ball, the clairvoyant focuses on the ball and lets his mind wander to come into contact with visions or impressions. Some psychics claim to see images or symbols forming inside the ball, while others feel emotions or intuitions that guide them in their interpretation.


Although the crystal ball is often associated with clairvoyance and predicting the future, it can also be used for meditation and personal development. By focusing on the crystal ball, a person can get in touch with their own inner self and explore their deepest thoughts and emotions. The crystal ball can thus serve as a support for reflection and self-awareness.

Mystical and captivating

In conclusion, the crystal ball is a mystical and captivating object that embodies magic and spirituality. Used for centuries as a tool for divination and meditation, the crystal ball continues to fascinate and inspire those who seek to explore the mysteries of the universe and the human mind. Whether we believe in its magical powers or simply appreciate its beauty, the crystal ball remains a timeless symbol of the quest for knowledge and wisdom.