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How to use the crystal ball ?

Using the crystal ball is very simple: All you have to do is write your question and click on the validation button. You will then receive an answer online.

What can you ask ?

Feel free to ask any kind of question. It can be about love, about work, about tomorrow weather or even about your next holiday destination, the crystal ball always have a response.

The crystal ball in the past

An imaginary crystal ball adventure


This morning, I wake up at 10:00 really sleepy. Normally, on Sundays, I get up earlier, but today my wife and children are not there: They went Friday to the countryside, for the weekend, and are only coming back tonight. I didn't follow them because I unfortunately had an important meeting on Saturday afternoon with new customers.

I make a coffee and memories from last night come to my mind: A good party with old friends at "Robinson Pub". It was a karaoke night and unfortunately I remember participating actively. I'm a good guitarist but I have no talent as a singer and performed Hotel California (The Eagles), what made a lot of people laughing.

The day is very sunny, I sit on the terrace and quietly drink my coffee. I would have eaten a croissant, but going to the bakery now seems far too exhausting. It's been a long time since I've spent a whole night without my family. It was nice to see my friends again, like when we were playing in a rock band. An evening only with men where it was acceptable to burp while laughing. I remember some epic memories of this part of my life while playing, without thinking about it, with a spoon. When suddenly, looking at my hand, I notice a detail: I'm not wearing my wedding ring.

The crystal ball


My heart is jumping. What did I do with it? I don't remember taking it away. I try to think, but nothing comes to mind. I get up and search my pockets once but I can't find anything. I search a second time: Still nothing. I'm getting alarmed. I quickly enter the house and go up to my room on the first floor. Nothing on the bedside table, nothing under the bed, nothing in the drawers. I go to the bathroom but I still don't find the important jewel. Obviously I disassemble the siphon but without result.

I have to think more, I certainly left it somewhere yesterday, I just have to remember it. But despite my efforts, nothing comes to mind. I'm trying to trace back Saturday. In the morning I did nothing unusual. I got up and had lunch with the kids. Then I took a shower. I went for a walk with the dog. I came back and spent some time in my workshop to finish building a wooden shelf.
That must be it!
I run to the workshop and look for the ring. Half an hour passes by but I still can't get my hands on it...
Let's continue: After the workshop, I joined the children in the garden and stayed with them until lunchtime. There's no reason I lost my ring at that time. Nothing special happen during the meal, and when I finished I cleared the table.
Has the ring fallen into the dishwasher?
I hurry into the kitchen and inspect the inside of the household appliance but without success.

I keep on reminding myself yesterday: After lunch I went to the office where I spent the whole afternoon. Then, after work, at 7 o'clock, I joined my friends at the pub.
Did I lose the ring yesterday at karaoke?
That seems unlikely to me. The problem is that I can't search all the places I've been, and a ring doesn't get lost like that. I keep trying to remember and inspect the house for an hour but without result. My wife and the kids are coming back at 6 o'clock. I absolutely have to find the ring before.


I feel totally lost, so I decide to call Peter who was with me last night. I explain the problem to him, and he told me that he did remember nothing that can help me. But maybe he has a solution for me: A crystal ball. I am a bit incredulous, but he explains to me that he knows a psychic who could perhaps help me with her magic ball. I find the idea singular, I thank him and hang up. Then I call all the people who were with me yesterday, except Sandra who is too talkative and knows my wife.

Half an hour later I'm still at a dead end. I'm near a nervous breakdown when I finally decide to call Peter back. He gives me the psychic phone number. I am not really sure but I decide to contact the woman anyway.

She tells me that she doesn't work on Sundays but after I explain my situation, she agrees to make an effort. She explains to me how to come to her house, it seems very complicated but I don't have much choice anymore. I take my car and drive north, leave the city and I'm in the countryside.

Finding the crystal ball

The indications are clear, I have to drive to a cemetery, then turn left and take a small dirt road. This one is only passable for one kilometer, after that I have to walk for another kilometer. Then I should see the the fortune teller's house.

I'm now walking on the path. I don't know how this is possible but, despite the sunny day just 5 minutes ago, I quickly find myself in the fog. The path is muddy. I shouldn't have worn my new shoes. I am surrounded by a forest that seems to come straight out of a horror movie and above me are flying some crows. The further I go, the less I want to continue, but I have no choice.

Suddenly, the daylight begins to get weaker. It's only 3:00, it's really strange. I remember suddenly that today there's a solar eclipse. That's probably why the light is falling. I take my smartphone to use it as a flashlight and notice that I have no network. It is almost completely dark when I see a house.

I don't know if it's because of my state of mind at this time, but the atmosphere is particularly gloomy. We are in mid-spring but it seems that the surrounding vegetation has been stuck in winter. I'm really not reassured, but approach the door.

A black cat emerges from behind a pile of stones. He makes a high-pitched meow and runs off. I notice that one of the stones is carved and represents a human skull. I'm thinking that if it had been a real skull I would probably have run away. I take my courage in my hands and knock at the door.
I knock a second time and perceive a movement. The door opens slowly and I find myself facing an old woman about 1m50 tall. She says hello to me and a very strong smell of mushrooms comes into my nostrils.

The fortune teller

The fortune teller

I enter the room and immediately notice the four human skulls on a shelf on my left. But it's too late to run away. The lady told me to sit down but first took off a little snake that was taking a nap on the chair. She takes place in a large armchair in front of me. You're not going to be surprised if I tell you that a bat is passing over me at this moment to nestle in a corner of the ceiling while the cat from earlier enters the room through a broken tile of a wobbly window.

The psychic asks me to express again the reason why I am here. She listens to me while slowly shaking her head. She then gets up and heads towards a shelf. She takes a crystal ball from it that is right next to what appears to be a mummified rat. She sits down again and looks at me right in the eyes. "I can try to help you, but it's not free. The session costs $100. But if I can't find your item, you won't have to pay." It seems a little expensive to me, but a good deal at the same time.
I agree.
The old woman lights what looks like a hand rolled cigarette. She takes a big puff and blows it on the crystal ball. Then she starts again and, this time, blows the smoke on my face. For a few seconds I feel a bit high. The colors become brighter and I feel relaxed. The psychic makes some slow gestures around the crystal ball while keeping her eyes fixed on it. It seems to last about 5 minutes during which I am like in a sweet dream. Suddenly the woman claps her hands, which brings me back to reality. She then said to me: "Look in your pants pockets". I get up and incredulous I search again. And then, miraculously, I feel the ring.

Time has passed quickly, it's already 5:00. I pay the old woman and hurry to go home. I arrive just in time to sit in the garden, with a beer in my hand, looking peaceful. If you ask me how my alliance ended up in my pocket, I would tell you that I have no idea, nor how the crystal ball works.